How Can You Ensure Your Caravan Is Ready for Touring Season?

Posted on: 28 December 2022

If you love to spend your family holidays touring the countryside with a caravan, you may have bought such a vehicle for seasonal use. For many months of the year, you may keep this caravan parked on your property until the weather is in your favour and you get sufficient spare time. However, you still need to maintain the caravan to make sure that it is ready for use and will need to look at some underbody parts in particular to avoid any issues. What is one of the most important components when it comes to wear and tear and potential damage?

How Leaf Springs Work

Most small to medium-sized caravans feature a very trusty and straightforward suspension system that centres around a pair of leaf springs. The springs are made from fine-grade alloy steel and are put in place to deal with general road undulations and everyday driving conditions.

The springs are mounted on each side of the vehicle underneath the axle and bolted to the body. They allow the axle to be somewhat impartial, so the wheels and tyres can move as necessary, and the body can remain in place.

Understand the Environment

While these leaf springs are carefully manufactured so they can cope with difficult conditions, they are nevertheless exposed to road debris and a tremendous amount of moisture. With time, this can cause issues in addition to the surface rust accumulation that you might ordinarily expect.

Look for Problems

This is why it's important to inspect the condition of these leaf springs at least before the start of every new season. You should look very closely at the surface of each spring to search for evidence of cracking. If you notice any hairline cracks, you will need to refer the issue to a mechanic, who will determine if it is possible to fix or replace those springs. Be particularly observant when you look at the bolts that hold the springs to the frame, as this is the part of the suspension that is under the most stress.

Schedule a Service Visit

Many people in your situation will schedule a service visit before they think about setting out on the road for a family holiday. When they do so, the mechanic will look at the leaf springs and axle and may also service the wheel bearings and braking system.

Contact a mechanic for more information about caravan repairs