• How to Give Your Old Motor a New Lease of Life

    Modern-day vehicles are designed to last for up to 100,000 km without any major failure. This is a testament to advanced technology, as well as to some of the latest materials available. However, vehicles from a generation or so ago were not as well built and may not be expected to last for such a long time. If you have one of these older motors in your driveway you may have noticed that it hasn't been performing as well in recent times and may be wondering whether the engine is 'okay.
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  • Why Diesel Vehicles Require Additional Maintenance

    Although hybrid and electric technology is rapidly becoming more commonplace on Australian roads, consumers still have the most choice when it comes to selecting either a petrol or diesel vehicle for their next ride. If you've just switched over from petrol, then you may not be aware of certain important tasks that you need to perform if you're going to enjoy uninterrupted diesel motoring. What should you be aware of?
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