• Five Signs That Your Brakes Need Servicing

    Brakes are likely the most important safety component of your car. Knowing the signs that you need the brakes looked at is very important. 1. Loud Squealing Your ears may be the first to clue you into a potential brake problem. As brake pads wear down, a squealing noise develops. If the culprit is truly the brakes, then the noise only occurs when you are pressing down on the brake pedal, not at any other time the car is in operation.
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  • Automatic Transmission: Three Important Tips for Preventing Failure

    The process of repairing a faulty automatic transmission is complicated and time-consuming. Moreover, the cost of a complete restoration will be high. Therefore, it is important to prevent the failure of this system in your vehicle. Proper care of your transmission will promote the smooth operation of the automobile. Consequently, you will enjoy good performance and increased safety. If you are uncertain about caring for your automatic transmission, use these basic guidelines.
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