3 Warning Signs you Need to See A Motor Mechanic to Avoid Emergencies

Posted on: 21 May 2021

Vehicles have considerably evolved to offer drivers improved safety, comfort and sophistication. The dashboard now features various warning lights to tell you when something is wrong and help you take proper action to avoid emergencies.

That said, whether you own a brand-new model or are faithful to old clunkers, you shouldn't ignore what your vehicle is trying to tell you. Every driver needs to take care of their vehicle to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Here are three signs you need to schedule a visit to a car mechanic

Poor Fuel Consumption

Have you recently noticed that your car is consuming more fuel than usual? Bad fuel usage means that your vehicle is not running at peak efficiency, and you will continue losing money if you fail to do something about it. 

Poor fuel usage has numerous causes, such as incorrect tyre pressure, poor driving habits to mechanical issues such as defective fuel injectors or faulty spark plugs and more. It could also be caused by a combination of various mechanical problems, hence the need to see a pro and rectify the issue. 

Brake Issues 

Many drivers will pay the most attention to acceleration, but a car's performance is more about stopping quickly whenever necessary. Unusual noises in your braking system or unusual braking behaviours indicate a problem in one of the most essentials system in your vehicle. 

Brake issues can manifest as strange noises, e.g. squeaking, grinding or rattling, or as sudden vibrations and a shaky steering wheel. Other times, there are no warning signs that the sophisticated components on your brake system have experienced wear and tear. 

Noise or abnormal function is a sign to see a car mechanic immediately to rectify the issues. Regular servicing will also help you catch potential brake problems that are not too obvious. 

Overpowering Odours 

While your car will never smell like your favourite perfumes, a persistent foul odour in your car's interior hints that something is wrong. Your first instinct would be to check for an old fast food bag, but chances are the problem is with your engine. 

Your car operates using a range of different fluids that can leak into your engine on sip in the cabin area. If you notice your vehicle smells like rotten eggs, burning oil, rubber or plastic or exhaust fumes, you will need a car mechanic to look at your car immediately. 

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you should avoid driving your car until you have it checked out. You can narrow down the best car mechanics in your area based on reviews from family, friends or the online community around you and compare the best rates.