• Automatic Transmissions: Things They Never Tell You in Driving School

    A majority of drivers today have vehicles with automatic transmission. This is no surprise considering the numerous benefits attributed to a car with automatic transmission. First, the transmission is easy to use compared to a manual transmission. Newbies don't have to struggle to coordinate their limbs as they shift gears. Secondly, automatic cars give ample time to the driver to focus on the road rather than shifting the gears. This improves the driver's ability to respond to situations on the road and manage emergencies effectively.
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  • Issues With Automobile Quick Fixes You May Not Know About

    There are several automobile issues you will have that may lead you to using a quick fix instead of a mechanic. Though these quick fix methods can help with the initial issue, you may be hurting your car more than you are helping it. You may also end up having to visit your car professional to fix the issues the quick fix caused. Here are some of the issues with those quick fixes and what you need to know about each one.
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