Truck Repair and Maintenance Tips.

Posted on: 29 November 2019

Trucks are an essential component of construction, transport and agricultural businesses. Truck repairs can be a headache. Read the extract below for some truck servicing repair and maintenance tips. 

Regular Inspections 

Regular inspections will help you avoid costly repairs. Inspect the truck's wheels, braking, engine and electrical unit every day. For instance, a leaking engine could be a sign of worn-out seals or damaged gaskets. If the problem is ignored, the engine will overheat and damage the cylinders. On the other hand, failure to check the tread on your tires could cause accidents. 

Take Advantage of Warranties

Most manufacturers will give a warranty once you purchase a new truck. Other than truck service, the warranty may also cover engine and gearbox repairs caused by manufacturing faults. Most dealers will give special discounts to loyal customers.

Work with a Specialised Mechanic

Specialised mechanics have an easy time diagnosing various truck problems. Besides, they have specialised equipment that speed up the repair process. They will also give preventive maintenance tips to increase the longevity of your truck. For instance, turbocharged vehicles should run a few minutes every morning for the oil to warm up. Regular replacement of the shaft seal in tippers will prevent aeration in the hydraulic system which could cause mechanical failures. Specialised mechanics can also connect you to truck forums and groups where you can connect with people that own similar vehicles. 

Keep Your Service Records

Service records are a critical component of truck maintenance. The records ensure that you service the truck on time. Besides, they will remind you when you should replace the timing belt, fuel pump, fuel injectors, spark plugs and other parts that do not require replacement during service. The service records may significantly improve the market value of your vehicle since they are an indication that you take good care of the truck. 

Insist on Genuine Parts

Your mechanic and dealer shops can be an effective source of genuine parts. If you would want to purchase used parts, use the OEM number on the damaged part to know which parts are compatible with your vehicle. Work with reputable spare part shops that give guarantees on used parts. Besides, inspect the part for cracks and bends. Some sellers will provide the part's history. For instance, the mileage for which the part was used. 

Top truck repair and maintenance tips include regular inspections, taking advantage of warranties, working with specialised mechanics, keeping your service records and insisting on genuine parts.