Issues With Automobile Quick Fixes You May Not Know About

Posted on: 28 January 2019

There are several automobile issues you will have that may lead you to using a quick fix instead of a mechanic. Though these quick fix methods can help with the initial issue, you may be hurting your car more than you are helping it. You may also end up having to visit your car professional to fix the issues the quick fix caused. Here are some of the issues with those quick fixes and what you need to know about each one.

Weakening Your Tires

One of the leading quick fix options for your car are tyre sealing kits. These kits are generally a pump style can that is attached to your tyre and sends a sealant into the tyre using air pressure. The sealer will seal small punctures in your tyre and allow you to get to an auto shop or mechanic to have the tyre replaced. The problem is that if the seal is allowed to stay in the tyre for a long period of time, it can cause the tyre to decay from the inside out. It can ruin the integrity of the tyre and lead you to need a full tire replacement. If you do need to use this quick fix method, make sure you are having the tyre repaired or replaced as quickly as possible rather than driving on it for long durations of time.

Brake Pad Fixes

You may issues with your brake pads and feel that the easiest and quickest option is to go with a do it yourself replacement. Though this may work initially, it can cause several issues. The first issue occurs when you replace one brake pad set and not the other. This gives uneven wear on the brakes and can cause quicker breakdown and more costly replacements later for your brake system. You may also experience a do it yourself brake pad replacement leading to quick damage and brakes failing if the brake pads are not installed correctly or if other brake system parts are damaged during the brake pad installment.

Quick Oil Changes

You may notice that you have a small oil leak. This oil leak can lead to needing to replace your oil. If you choose to do this yourself, there are several steps you could be missing or doing wrong. For example, using the wrong grade of oil can cause breakdown of the engine and clogging in the engine parts. You may also overlook replacing the filter which can cause a sluggish engine and debris in the oil system. A mechanic can flush the system if this happens, but it will be more costly than a simple oil change and repair of the small leak would be.

These are just a few of the issues that a quick fix for your automobile problems may be causing your car. If you are having some issues with your car, and you think it may be because of a quick fix method you used, contact your mechanic. They can run a diagnostic on your car and let you know the issues you may be having and how they can fix them.