How to Properly Care for Your Turbocharged Car

Posted on: 6 September 2019

If you've just bought a replacement car, then you may now be the proud owner of a turbocharged vehicle. This may be a new experience for you, so you will need to know a little more about the turbo and, crucially, how to look after it to make the most of your acquisition. What should you keep in mind?

Best of All Worlds

The beauty of the turbocharger is that it can provide better fuel economy and more performance than to your previous vehicle. In fact, your new car may have a smaller engine than the last one simply because it is fitted with a turbo.

How It Works

Within the turbocharger is a turbine that spins at incredibly high speeds to generate additional pressure for engine performance. However, this component can also affect the drivability of the vehicle, and this means that you need to adjust your style while also being a more sympathetic driver.

Careful Operation

Maximum performance will only be achieved once the turbocharger has had time to work up to its highest speed to produce the right amount of pressure. Sometimes, this additional power will appear quite quickly, and you will need to regulate the way that you drive the vehicle accordingly. In other words, you should accelerate gradually and give the turbo time to work so that you get the best performance without excess wear and tear.

Replaceable Parts

You need to be a more careful driver, and you also have to look after the turbocharger and only get the best parts whenever you take it in for a service. You will need to use synthetic engine oil, as this will cope more adequately with the higher temperatures, and you need to make sure that you change the oil and air filters at recommended intervals.

Hoses and Couplings

As mentioned, high levels of pressure can be created when the turbocharger is working at full capacity, and this puts additional pressure on the hoses and couplings that connect the system. Keep a close eye on these to make sure that they are always in good condition and replace them if necessary, because otherwise, a pressure leak could occur. If the air is allowed to leak out in this way, then the turbo will need to work even harder to do its job and will eventually fail altogether.

Quality Service

To get the most out of your new, turbocharged car, make sure that you take it into a qualified service facility whenever recommended. If you have a European car with a turbocharger, take it to a business that specifically handles European car servicing.