Automatic Transmission: Three Important Tips for Preventing Failure

Posted on: 1 March 2021

The process of repairing a faulty automatic transmission is complicated and time-consuming. Moreover, the cost of a complete restoration will be high. Therefore, it is important to prevent the failure of this system in your vehicle. Proper care of your transmission will promote the smooth operation of the automobile. Consequently, you will enjoy good performance and increased safety. If you are uncertain about caring for your automatic transmission, use these basic guidelines.

Avoid Bad Driving Habits

It is advisable to minimise the strain on the automatic transmission while driving. In simple terms, you should not exert undue pressure on the system. In general, the transmission can be damaged by certain common but harmful practices. For instance, it is not uncommon for people to make sudden and unsuitable shifts like moving from drive to reverse. Also, some drivers will shift to park while the automobile is moving. The transmission will not fail instantly due to these habits. However, there will be significant gradual wear.

Monitor the Fluid Condition

The condition of the fluid will influence the performance of the transmission. This system must have clean and sufficient fluid for optimal function. As such, the most important task is monitoring the fluid quantity. A dipstick is usually provided for checking the available volume. If there is a significant decline, you should plan on filling up the material. Choose the type of fluid recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Alternatively, you can consult your auto service specialist for information. You will also need to flush out old and compromised fluid. The rate of changing will depend on driving conditions. For instance, if you drive constantly in harsh situations like hot weather and high traffic, you might need to plan for more frequent changes.

Inspect the Transmission

Finally, you should inspect the automatic transmission in your vehicle. You cannot overlook the importance of checking the condition of this system even when there are no obvious problems. Keep in mind that the deterioration of transmission components is not always apparent while driving. Therefore, problems can remain undiscovered in the vehicle. Over time, the damage may be so extensive that the transmission might require rebuilding or replacement. You should check for issues like leaks. If there is a loss of fluid, the damaged area should be sealed immediately. Also, inspect the filter and change it as required. Additionally, take note of handling and functional problems that could indicate a decline in the overall performance of the automatic transmission system.

For more information, contact an automatic transmission service.