How to Avoid the Perils of Tyre Delamination

Posted on: 29 November 2021

Considering how much abuse a typical car tyre has to deal with, it's incredible that it will typically last for thousands of kilometres without issue. Yet occasionally, issues can arise. Sometimes, a tyre failure can be caused by tread separation, also known as delamination. What is delamination, and how can you watch out for some tell-tale signs?

Tyre Construction

The average car tyre today is quite a masterpiece of engineering. It's been designed by engineers to cope perfectly well in all weather conditions and to work properly across a range of speeds. Many individual parts are pieced together to form a typical tyre. You may not realise it, but the section that includes the tread is created separately and is attached to the casing of the tyre during the manufacturing process.

To do this, the rubber strip has to be attached to a steel-belted casing using a very special type of adhesive. It's meant to stay in place, of course, but defects can occur, and the tyre may come under unbearable pressure in certain circumstances.


It's crucial to look after a tyre once it has been fitted and ensure that the internal pressure is always stable. The cover should never be under- or over-inflated, as this can certainly cause accelerated wear and overheating. In turn, this overheating could lead to construction failure and delamination.

Driving Techniques

Never drive dangerously and put unnecessary stress on your tyres. Take corners at recommended speeds, avoid potholes and other road hazards and slow down if you need to drive off-road or in poor conditions. If you do, the tyres will last longer, and you will cut down on the risk of delamination.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Be on the lookout for some warning signs and inspect your tyres regularly. In particular, look for any uneven tread wear, cracks that appear in the sidewall or bubbles. These are bulges that can appear on either side of the tyre, so you need to look behind the wheel as well. Also, if you notice any vibration when you are driving, get that checked out, as it could be a sign of imminent tyre failure.

Regular Inspection

Schedule a regular meeting with a service technician so they can look at each tyre. If you do so, you will significantly reduce the possibility of failure when out on the open road. Contact a local tyre shop to learn more.