How to Diagnose Steering Problems With Your Car

Posted on: 24 August 2016
Never ignore any problems you're having with your car's steering, as it's not likely that the problem will simply correct itself over time. It's more likely that it will get worse and, depending on the problem, may mean that your steering fails while on the road. Since the ability to steer your car depends on much more than just the steering column, note a few common problems you might have and what they may mean by way of repairs, and how some may not even be the steering column at all.
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The Nuisance of a New Car Smell: How to Get Rid of That Odor!

Posted on: 22 August 2016
Taking your new car for a test drive after leaving the showroom is a breathtaking experience. You probably want to call in an old friend and hit the hilly side, camp by the roadside and toast to a cold beer. The excitement that comes with owning your new car, however, can be short lived, as soon as you start to experience phases of nausea, dizziness and at times headaches. For a more comfortable cruise, get rid of that irritating new car odor.
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Three Temporary Solutions for Gearbox Oil Leak for First Time Car Owners

Posted on: 11 July 2016
When it comes to car engines, oil leakage from the gearbox can be a nightmare to motorists and new car owners. Oil leakage from your car can land you in trouble with local authorities. Synthetic oils are often costly; thus, leakage is akin to throwing your hard-earned dollars down the drain. The only real way of troubleshooting the leakage is to have professionals take down the engine for repair. However, before doing so, you can temporarily stop the spill before seeing a mechanic.
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Quick Tips for Troubleshooting a Car's Exhaust System

Posted on: 12 February 2016
Your car's exhaust system may be more important to the vehicle's overall condition than you realize. The muffler and all the other parts of the exhaust don't just keep the car's engine quiet, but they also help to regulate the amount of oxygen that is in the engine as it runs. Too much or too little oxygen can mean causing the engine to work harder than it should. The exhaust system also pulls emissions away from the cab of the car, keeping you breathing healthy.
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