Three Trends Impacting European Luxury Cars Repairs

Posted on: 16 February 2022

You can take certain cars to an independent mechanic without worrying too much. However, European luxury car brands are best left in the able hands of dealer technicians. The reason is that most luxury car manufacturers have proprietary ways of repairing their cars and prefer to share the information with specific partners for good reasons. Such arrangements are necessary because they ensure European vehicles get the best possible service. That said, motorists must keep track of emerging trends impacting European luxury cars repairs. Read on for more information.

Code-Powered Vehicles — In the past, maintenance and servicing were manual tasks that required a hands-on approach. However, things have changed a great deal in European luxury cars as more models incorporate software into their systems. In addition, the latest European vehicles are equipped with computer systems that monitor and record critical performance data. Thus, repairs to European luxury car brands will require technicians with a deep understanding of the relationship between software and vehicle performance. In fact, the tasks of a typical auto mechanic will resemble that of a computer software engineer. To put it into perspective, the lines of code in modern vehicles exceed those found in a passenger aeroplane. It shows you the level of technological advancements mechanics should expect from future luxury European cars.

Data Access to Independent Mechanics — Preferably, European luxury cars should be handled by dealer preferred auto technicians. However, there is no doubt that some independent technicians can do a good job given their skills and experience. Fortunately, all independent mechanics will soon access luxury cars' repair and maintenance data. Notably, a bill introduced in the Australian parliament seeks to oblige manufacturers to sell their repair and maintenance information to independent mechanics at a fair price. It means that dealer-preferred auto technicians will face stiff competition from independent service stations. The benefit here is that European luxury car owners will enjoy competitive repair prices.

Focus on Preventative Maintenance — Early detection of car issues is critical to keeping repair costs low, preventing further damages and shortening the repair time. One of the best ways to diagnose auto problems early is to understand their potential causes, which is possible through preventative maintenance. Since the systems in European luxury cars are computerised, they come preinstalled with sensors that help detect malfunctions immediately. Car owners can then run basic diagnostics and determine whether they need to see a technician. Such capabilities ensure that European car owners stay on top of overall performance, keeping repair costs low.

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