Are Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Automatic Transmission System?

Posted on: 15 June 2022

If you haven't taken your car in to get the automatic transmission serviced in some time, you could be taking an increased risk. Did you know that some dangers could be lurking in some difficult-to-reach parts of your transmission system, waiting to cause an issue in the future? What could be going on here?

Adequate Lubrication

Several mechanical systems on your car rely on high-quality lubrication to cut down on friction and keep temperatures in check. These lubricants will flow freely through your engine when running and carry any contamination through a filter and down into the sump.

System Design

Broadly speaking, the same approach applies to your automatic transmission. However, in this case, the design of the system may make it hard for some of that contamination to flow down through the filtration system when you turn the engine off. Instead, some of it will be trapped within the torque converter mechanism and will start to harden as everything cools down and dries off.

Growing Problem

When you restart the vehicle to get underway again, the lubrication will begin to flow. However, it will not be able to capture that leftover contamination as it may have hardened in place. Unfortunately, this situation will worsen as time goes by until some contaminants break away from their position and cause potential havoc. They could interfere with some of the sensitive gear or clutch mechanisms, causing damage or a possible failure. The longer you leave it in between major service visits, the greater the risk that you may face.

Dealing with the Contamination

This is why it is important to take additional steps when changing the oil in an automatic transmission. It's not enough to allow the lubricant to flow out as this will not remove that contamination from within the torque converter. Instead, a technician should apply a special device to send a lubricating agent through the system. This agent will dissolve that contamination so that it flows out of the system and removes the hazard. The technician will then change the filter and add new lubricant to prepare you for the months ahead.

Making Your Appointment

So, if you want to avoid potential problems in the future caused by unwanted contamination, ensure that you schedule a comprehensive service visit instead. Ask the technician about cleaning the torque converter, and they will apply the correct procedures to clean everything and reduce the risk.