4 Ways to Maintain Your Transmission

Posted on: 25 August 2016

When was the last time you checked your car's transmission system? Many drivers — particularly those with automatic transmissions— neglect this essential piece of car maintenance. In the long run, this leads to significant damage which can result in costly repairs. To keep your car in the best shape and to save money on repairs, follow these tips for transmission system maintenance. 

Keep your engine happy 

The transmission system is very closely linked to the engine. This means that any problems with your engine can negatively impact on the transmission system leading to serious operational problems. So keep your engine in good shape with regular inspection and servicing. 

Keep an eye on your cooling system

The cooling system cools both the engine and the transmission fluid. Problems with your cooling system could potentially reduce the lifespan of your transmission system before seriously affecting the engine. Your car's manual should provide details of how to clean and maintain your cooling system and instructions for replacing and refilling coolant. 

Use filters 

Often it is dirt and dust that cause the most damage to your transmission system by clogging up passages and eroding components. A good way to tackle this is by installing an in-line filter to your system. Filters can effectively remove potentially harmful particles ensuring a longer, safer life for your vehicle. 

Maintain fluid levels 

Transmission fluid is vital to the workings of your vehicle, without a good level of fluid your clutch will not function. It is generally recommended that you check your level once a month. Firstly, it is important to read the level when the engine is warm. Fluid should be a reddish colour and almost transparent. If there are any dark particles or a burning smell you should take the car to a garage. Most cars come with a dipstick which will allow you to accurately measure the level of the fluid. It should come up to the FULL level on the stick. If not, then the manual of your car should give instructions on how to top up the level. 

Generally, if your car is healthy and you take care to maintain the engine and fluid levels, then your transmission system should operate well. Signs that you urgently need to check fluid levels and transmission functioning are if the vehicle hesitates or makes noises when shifting gears. Otherwise, following these simple maintenance steps should ensure that your transmission system stays in shape. If you have any concerns about the transmission system on your car, you should contact an auto service professional.