The Nuisance of a New Car Smell: How to Get Rid of That Odor!

Posted on: 22 August 2016

Taking your new car for a test drive after leaving the showroom is a breathtaking experience. You probably want to call in an old friend and hit the hilly side, camp by the roadside and toast to a cold beer. The excitement that comes with owning your new car, however, can be short lived, as soon as you start to experience phases of nausea, dizziness and at times headaches. For a more comfortable cruise, get rid of that irritating new car odor.

What's causing the odor?

New cars have multiple parts; all made of poly carbons or carbon-based chemicals to preserve the surfaces and quality of your new car. Some of these chemicals are not fully tested to rule out any effects on your body, and they could be a silent killer, causing your respiratory problems. The car plastic covers, leather finishes and car polish that make it gleam at the Showroom are just some of the culprits that will kill the buzz of cruising in your new ride. A few do's will help you get rid of this odor.

Remove the plastic covers

As tempting as it may be, avoid spending too much time in your new ride. Whenever you are not driving around, take out the plastic covers and let them breathe under the hot sun. With time, much of the odor from the plastic covers will reduce.

Mask the odor

A brilliant way of reducing the odor is using a more sweet smelling deodorant, to give you more comfort while inside your car. Visit your local car supplies shop and buy your preferred scent of car deodorant. Lemon flavor works best under these circumstances. Spray a good amount in your car and give it some time for the freshness to soak in.

Use odor absorbing agents

Odor absorbing agents are a quick, effortless way of making sure you won't have to stand the bad odor. These include baking soda, vinegar, lemon or even charcoal. Take a glass bowl, pour in a mixture of vinegar and warm water and leave it in your car for a while. A few slices of lemon peels can complement this, to leave a sweet-smelling aroma that is inviting. Charcoal or baking soda are also good odor absorbers that will leave you craving another road cruise.

Leave room for fresh air

Don't just breath in all that odor, when Mother Nature has got it all covered. Open all windows while driving around to allow plenty of fresh air. This provides natural air conditioning any time, wherever you are.  And if you find yourself driving back home at midday, consider parking your automobile in the hot sun with windows down. The sun's heat coupled with the open windows will provide for a natural convection and rid your car of any odor.

Purchase an additional auto air conditioning unit

Auto air conditioning filters airborne particles, pollutants, and the new car smell, keeping the air in your car clean. If the inbuilt air conditioning unit isn't working the magic, two is always better that one. An extra auto air conditioning unit will provide a pleasant and odor-free environment at all time. For more information, contact companies like Riverton Auto Electrics.