3 Innovative Ways To Improve Engine Performance

Posted on: 14 December 2015

The quality of engine performance in an automobile has a great impact on the general driving experience for a motorist.

In addition to having vehicle engines serviced by professional mechanics on a regular basis, here are a few innovative ways for motorists to improve vehicle engine performance.

Invest In A Supercharger

Superchargers are great for auto engine performance. Installing a supercharger on the automobile will allow passage of more air into the engine's combustion chamber. Increased air intake results from the fact that the supercharger will increase air pressure beyond the usual atmospheric level.

The increased air intake will trigger an increase in the quantity of oil released for combustion within the engine, which is necessary for a more powerful combustion and increased horsepower.

Superchargers operate on mechanical power and are able to spin faster than the vehicle engine, thus forcing greater quantities of air into a combustion chamber.

Installation of superchargers is relatively easy and can be done without the intervention of a professional mechanic.

Install An Aftermarket High-Performance Chip

A large number of late-model automobiles use on-board computers to regulate various automobile functions, including the fuel-to-air ratio within the engine. The computers use factory-installed chips to control the said functions.

The factory-installed chips can be replaced with aftermarket high-performance chips that alter existing parameters for various engine functions, thereby over-riding default factory settings.

For example, high performance chips can instruct an automobile engine to increase air intake (or release more fuel into the combustion chamber) for a more powerful combustion that enhances engine performance.

Reduce The Weight Of The Engine

It is also possible to improve engine performance by reducing the weight of the vehicle's engine compartment. The weight of a vehicle engine determines how aerodynamic the vehicle will be, with vehicles that have lighter engines proving to be more aerodynamic.

In order to reduce the weight of the engine, heavier engine components such as crank shafts and piston rods need to be replaced with lighter versions. This is a fairly complex undertaking that should not be attempted in the absence of a qualified auto mechanic.

In the same breath, reducing the overall weight of the automobile will also improve its aerodynamics. This can be achieved by replacing heavy glass windows with their acrylic or plastic counterparts that are much lighter. Reducing the size of the dashboard by removing some of its parts will achieve a similar effect.

For more ideas and tips about improving engine performance in your car, contact a local mechanic