Three Primary Options for Auto Body Smash Repairs

Posted on: 12 August 2015

The body of a vehicle always sustains some degree of damage during minor and major accidents. Common types of body distortions include paint scratches, dents and dings. Collisions and crashes will result in more serious structural alterations like bent frames and irreparable body panel tears. Therefore, the refurbishment of the bodywork is as important as the restoration of other automotive parts like the engine. There are critical factors that you must consider before commissioning smash repairs after an accident. The evaluation will help you determine which repair package best suits your requirements, budget and smash insurance cover. Here are the primary repair options available for crash vehicles.

Complete Repair

The complete repair package for auto bodies are designed to restore the vehicle to its pre-accident condition. This refurbishment process requires exceptional technicians and high-quality panel beating tools and equipment. You can choose to take your vehicle to an OEM collision centre or a licensed body shop for the best standards. In addition, all the replacement parts required due to serious distortions are purchased from original equipment manufacturers.

The full repair is an ideal choice if you have a relatively new car and do not want used or aftermarket parts installed in your vehicle. Most repair centres will offer a good warranty plan for the complete repair of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the cost of this option is exorbitant so you must be capable and willing to pay the charge difference from the insurance settlement.

Standard Insurance Repair

The standard insurance repair option provides good refurbishment that matches with your insurance settlement. The work is performed according to the labour rates allowed by the insurer. Furthermore, the replacement parts installed will depend on your contract with the insurance company. A standard auto policy allows the installation of aftermarket, reconditioned and even used parts in the vehicle's bodywork. If the new parts fail, you will need to follow-up with the insurance company since the technicians are not liable. However, a good repair shop will provide warranty for the labour. The standard repair is suitable for you if you do not want to cover the difference after policy settlement.

Cost-Effective Repair

If you have an old vehicle and are not concerned about lack of aesthetic appeal, you should choose the cost-effective repair package. This refurbishment option is aimed at restoring the functionality of the car at the lowest fee possible. You can choose the preferred type of parts and the extent of restoration. Repair shops will not offer warranty for this basic smash repair.