4 Signs of Diesel Injector Failure

Posted on: 29 July 2015

One of the problems that you are likely to face as the owner of a vehicle with a diesel engine is a failure of the fuel injector. This is a small part of the engine, but it can have serious effects on the workings of your car. How can you tell that your car may be suffering from an injector failure? Read on and find out the common tell-tale signs that will alert you to this problem.

It is Hard to Start the Engine

You may be experiencing injector failure in your diesel engine if you have several false starts when you try to start the vehicle. This difficulty in starting can occur because of a blown seal inside the fuel injector. Cross-link tubes inside the fuel injector may be leaking and causing the injector to flood.

ECU Error Codes

You can also tell that you may be experiencing injector failure when your dashboard reveals an error code generated by the Electronic Control Unit, or ECU. You can check your car manual to confirm the error code you are seeing refers to a defect in the fuel injector. Rust or debris may have built up inside the fuel injector and that is why the control unit is sending out that error code.

Excessive Smoke When the Engine is Idling

You may be having injector problems if you notice your vehicle is emitting excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe when the engine is idling. The nozzle of the injector may be cracked or the nozzle needle may have remained open due to a broken seal inside it. As a result, excessive amounts of fuel may be getting into the fuel injection system and that is why you are seeing a lot of smoke (incomplete combustion of fuel).

Reduced Engine Power

Coking (accumulation of deposits inside the fuel injector) can cause your engine to lose power, especially if you own a late model diesel engine car that is designed to emit low amounts of greenhouse gases without compromising high performance. Such engines force fuel through the injector at very high pressure so coking lowers engine performance since very little fuel will be getting through.

Knowledge of these causes of injector failure should prompt you to do everything you can to prevent them. Preventive steps include buying fuel from reliable suppliers only, replacing fuel filters at recommended intervals, regularly starting your vehicle if it is not used for long and avoiding re-manufactured engine parts if they have metal burrs on them. If you witness the signs above then see a mechanic at a place like Hi Tech Diesel Injection Pty Ltd so that further damage to your engine is prevented and a new fuel injector can be acquired if needed.