Some Basic But Important Tips for Caravan Maintenance

Posted on: 24 August 2016

Owning a caravan is a great choice for those who love to travel and enjoy the great outdoors, and for families since staying in a hotel on holiday can be expensive for adults and children. While a good caravan can last for years if not decades before needing major repairs, the way you maintain your caravan will have a lot to do with its overall lifespan. Note a few basic but important tips for caravan maintenance you'll want to consider to keep yours in good repair.

Charge the battery

It's not unusual to store your caravan for weeks if not months through the offseason, which can allow the battery to wear down. Even if the battery isn't dead, this excessive wear can mean that the electrical components of your caravan don't get enough power when you use them. In turn, they may suffer wear and tear, and you may see the wiring get damaged sooner rather than later. You might consider taking the battery out of your caravan whenever it's stored, even for just a few weeks, and attaching it to a charger. At the very least, take the battery to an auto parts store or repair shop that charges batteries and have them charge it up if your caravan has been in storage for many months.

Remove moisture from the refrigerator

Emptying the tanks of your caravan is not enough to keep it protected from moisture damage; you need to remove this moisture from the refrigerator. There is usually a pan under the fridge that catches water from condensation; slide this out and empty it before putting the caravan in storage. Remove the drawers of the refrigerator and make sure there is no water collecting around the drain; dry off the entire inside of both the fridge and freezer to reduce the risk of water damage.

Inspect for cracks in the body

Inspect your caravan regularly for cracks in the outside or body. These need to be repaired right away, as they can just get larger from your caravan bouncing along the road. Check the connectors of awnings and the leveling jack for signs of rust or corrosion and clean and then fill these areas right away.

It's also good to inspect the inside floors of the caravan for cracks or soft spots. This often means that there is moisture collecting inside the frame and the caravan is suffering wood rot or other damage. Repair these cracks or replace the flooring if it's soft.